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Zino Aviation is the world's premier pilot training and aviation consultancy firm, providing aviation solutions to aspiring pilots and organizations.

We help aspiring pilots become commercial pilots.

Who are we

Who are we?


Capt. Zino Mario

Founder & CEO


Zino Aviation is a Pilot Training, Aviation Management and Consultancy firm that was founded by Captain Zino Mario.

Captain Zino is an experienced British-Nigerian airplane and helicopter pilot who possesses several thousand flight hours on both airplanes and helicopters. He was Nigeria’s youngest commercial pilot, becoming a Private Pilot at 18 and a Commercial Pilot at 19. Having been in aviation for over a decade, he is a highly experienced pilot, mentor and aviation consultant who holds EASA (European), FAA (American) and NCAA (Nigerian) Airplane, Helicopter and UAV Licenses. Captain Zino has conducted flight training in over 7 flight schools and has flown in over 3 continents, making him highly conversant in flight training practices and fully adept with global training solutions.

Captain Zino possesses a vast wealth of knowledge as well as significant experience and exposure in the aviation industry. In 2018, whilst still flying for Bristow, he founded Zino Aviation, Africa’s first and only Pilot Training consultancy firm dedicated to helping, mentoring and guiding aspiring pilots on their journey to becoming commercial pilots. As an entrepreneurial visionary, he saw a tremendous need and chose to venture into this unrealized and unexplored market. Captain Zino has been able to create and grow a highly unique aviation company that now services major needs amongst pilots, airlines, governments, educational institutions, charities and more. In March 2021, he retired from active commercial flying to run Zino Aviation full-time.


Zino Aviation was founded to bring key solutions to the Aviation Industry. We guide and train aspiring pilots as well as provide logistic management solutions for governments, airlines and private air operators seeking to select and train groups of pilots.

 Through our flight training programmes and consultancy services - we offer the very best, industry-leading, aviation solutions. Our comprehensive solutions target and tackle key areas causing bad decision making among aspiring pilots and organisations seeking to train them.

We work with aspiring pilots, governments and air operators, managing their projects and supporting them along their flight-training journies. Our expert support services mitigate the risk of failure and ensure the success of our clients' aviation projects. 

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Zino Aviation is dedicated to forging a future where the journey to becoming a commercial pilot is devoid of obstacles and misinformation. We are committed to ensuring aspiring pilots worldwide have access to the finest flight training, mentorship, and support, eliminating common pitfalls such as excessive costs, prolonged training times and unemployment.

Looking ahead, we're focused on creating seamless transitions from training to employment, connecting our graduates with reputable airlines and ensuring their investment in education pays off. Leveraging innovative technology and our unique approach, we plan to expand our reach, making our comprehensive support and training accessible to every aspiring pilot, no matter where they are.


Our focus is on crafting pathways that significantly reduce training duration, expense, and stress for aspiring aviators globally.

In shaping this future, we're dedicated to a world where access to quality aviation education and career opportunities is universal, transforming the aspirations of countless individuals into reality. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey together, setting new standards in the aviation industry.

What do we do?
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We provide Airplane and Helicopter Flight training through our various partner flight schools situated around the world. Ranging from the United States to South-Africa, and from Canada to the United Kingdom, we ensure FAA, EASA and ICAO Pilot Licenses are attainable at the best, and the most affordable flight schools. We train aspiring pilots through their PPL, CPL, Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings as well as provide Type Rating training if required.

We provide mentorship services for aspiring pilots with our CEO, Capt. Zino.

We mentor these pilots before, during and after flight school. We prove them with continuous help, guidance, and all the support they need to finish and secure employment. We go with them through their entire journey, so they are never alone and have continuous, on-demand, access to all our expertise.

We provide comprehensive assessments for aspiring pilots, government sponsorship candidates, airlines, and private air operators looking to train or recruit pilots.

We perform rigorous, multi-faceted, psychometric and personality assessments on each candidate to determine if they possess the aptitude, personality, and technical skillset required to become successful commercial pilots.

We also provide medical assessments through our partner AME's (Aviation Medical Doctors).

We provide flight training logistics and management services for Governments, Commercial Airlines, and Private Air Operators who are looking to select and train groups of pilots.

We run entire flight training programmes from the initial recruitment and assessment stage of candidates to conducting flight training and handling the employment process of each ab-initio cadet.


We provide virtual courses where we educate, equip and enlighten aspiring pilots on the process of becoming professional pilots.

Our courses are comprehensive, highly in-depth, and cover everything aspiring pilots need to know before and during flight school in order to thrive as much as possible. We teach numerous ways to excel at flight school and also reduce flight training and living costs. We cover every aspect involved in the journey to becoming a fully employed commercial pilot. We teach utilisable ways to secure employment for pilots on completion of flight school.

Our CEO Capt. Zino, and other Zino Aviation personnel frequently speak at a variety of events and conferences.

We speak at schools, universities, corporate events, private functions and aviation conferences to inspire and educate all. We also make TV and Radio appearances as well as write pieces for Newspapers and Magazines. Whatever the function, we share our expertise with those who need them, educating, engaging and exhorting everybody we speak to.


We provide aviation consultancy services to a wide variety of clients. As highly experienced experts in the Aviation industry, we are conversant in all things aviation and consult on Flight Training Solutions, Aviation Management Practices, as well as many other areas. We consult for individual clients, aspiring pilots, airlines, private air operators, and governments.


What are people saying about us?


Joseph Ene-Okon
First Officer, ATR-76-600, Green Africa Airways,

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One of the best career decisions I made was to sign up for the Zino Aviation mentorship program and here is why. Firstly, I had the opportunity and privilege to work with and be mentored by someone I consider as one of the brightest minds in the industry. Captain Zino knows his stuff and is really passionate about transferring the knowledge he has to his mentees...I am now gainfully employed with one of Nigeria's leading airlines! Not only am I employed, but I am also doing very well as Captain Zino takes his time to make sure that all his mentees are above standard and delivering excellence every day.... Captain Zino was always available to me, making sure that no stone was left unturned and ensuring that I stayed ahead of the game at all times. I am really grateful that I was part of the mentorship program and I strongly recommend this program to anyone looking to set out for a career in aviation. The program is truly worth it!!!


Chioma Onochie

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"The Zino Aviation Masterclass is one of the best things that could happen to any aspiring pilot. Captain Zino impacted and imparted his tremendous knowledge to me in ways that have really enlightened me in this journey to becoming a pilot. Captain Zino is a great person with a wonderful personality who has the desire to impact knowledge onto others. I see greatness in him and in Zino Aviation. I'd recommend Captain Zino and this Program to any aspiring pilot out there. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and you can only find that at Zino Aviation."

Jeffery Ofosu

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"If I was told at the beginning to attempt guessing how much knowledge I was expecting to receive after the end of this program, I would have given an underestimated answer! This program has been mind-blowing to be really really honest with anyone reading this comment. Every day went by on this course and I would think to myself, how did I get such a great opportunity. This is by far the most expensive knowledge I have ever been imparted with. Many want to be pilots and many more do not know the path to take. I was one of them. And as I speak, the bigger picture has been painted, and the path has been made straight! So many myths debunked! None of this would have been half possible without this program. No cap!!"

As someone who struggled for many years to secure a job in the aviation industry after finishing flight school, I cannot overstate the transformative impact of the mentorship program provided by Captain Zino. My journey to becoming a pilot was filled with challenges and a serious lack of direction. However, upon enrolling in the mentorship program, I quickly realized that I had finally found the guidance and support I desperately needed.


One of the most remarkable aspects of the program was the unparalleled network and connections that Captain Zino provided. Within weeks of signing up, I was offered a job at Bristow Helicopters, the largest helicopter company in the world. This was honestly a feat that seemed impossible prior to joining the program. This invaluable opportunity was made possible through Captain Zino’s extensive network, connections and industry insights. I wholeheartedly recommend the mentorship program to anyone aspiring to pursue a career in aviation. The support, resources and personalised guidance provided is unparalleled, making it a truly transformative experience for anyone seeking to navigate the many complexities of the aviation industry.

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Muhammed Umar
First Officer, Bristow Group, S76D 

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Zino is an awesome mentor!!! I learnt so so much from him in just 30 minutes, more than I have learnt watching a lot of videos on Instagram, YouTube and even pilot Vlogs. He provided helpful information on how to make the training process run smoothly, and most importantly, he was very realistic. It is worth the time!!! Every aspiring aviator needs this!!!

I look forward to having you as my mentor. Thank you, Zino!


In my opinion, all aspiring aviators need a mentor like Zino.

 I had an amazing call with zino. If you need an expert that will mentor and give you insight on aviation, that will help you for real, then zino surely is that kind of person. I am thankful for all the information, kindness and understanding Capt. Zino. - MUHAMMED LAWAL

Having the call with Zino was more relaxing than I expected. He is very patient to listen and understand all your questions and give answers. His wealth of knowledge and insight into the industry shows as he gives the information required to have a successful journey towards becoming a pilot in the best way possible for your journey. NONYENACHI NWANDU

Very Professional! Very Knowledgeable! I learned more in 30 mins, more than in 25 years!  My eyes are open WIDE open and  I can’t wait until September rolls around!!!  - JANI REID


"Captain Zino is a fantastic teacher! I will most definitely recommend the pilot masterclass to other people as it is well-organized and highly detailed." - Oladapo Jegede


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