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EASA ATPL Programme

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Pilot Programme

Zino Aviation's EASA Pilot Training Courses are run by our partner flight school - TAE Aviation Academy based in Megara, Greece.

Our Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) programme is approximately 15-17 months and will make you a fully qualified Commercial Pilot. At the end of your training, you will possess an EASA Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine Rating, Instrument Rating, Multi Crew Co-operation Certificate (MCC) and a frozen Airline Transport Pilot License.


The weather is very good in Megara, Greece and is among the most aviation-friendly climates in Europe with 300+ days of excellent flying weather. This means you should be able to fly on a daily basis and finish quicker than in most other European countries. You will be flying state-of-the-art Diamond DA40 & DA42 aircraft, which are among the most modern, training-friendly aircraft in the world and you will receive ground and flight instruction from only the very best, highly experienced, EASA flight instructors.

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EASA Professional Pilot Courses  

Option 1   (Most Popular) 
(Become a Commercial Pilot)

Option 2
(Become a Flight Instructor)

Option 3
(Become a Private Pilot)


0 - ATPL(f)


Our EASA 0-ATPL courses are integrated and modular approved courses and are designed for international and local students with little or no flying experience who want to pursue a career as commercial pilots. You will first start your training and acquire an EASA PPL (Private Pilot License). Upon reaching the necessary flight experience, you will continue with Instrument training and acquire an Instrument Rating. After hour-building and further training, you will finally acquire a Commercial Pilot License and Multi-Engine Rating which will enable you to fly aircraft in instrument conditions and with multiple engines.  After successful completion of the zero to ATPL course, you will be issued a Frozen EASA ATPL license (ATPLf) with Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings. The privileges of an ATPL ME+IR enable you to act as pilot-in-command (Captain) or co-pilot (First Officer) in Commercial Multi-Engine IFR operations.


Megara, Greece

15-17 Months


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 What Licenses and Ratings Will You Get


Private Pilot
License (PPL)

We plan your training programme in great detail. We factor in all contingencies and accurately budget for every segment pertaining to your programme.
Private Pilot License (PPL) - You'll learn how to fly from scratch, conduct flight manoeuvres and then pass practical and theoretical exams. On completion of your PPL, you will be able to fly by yourself without an instructor. You can then start building hours for your CPL and fly friends & family.

Rating (IR)

We select only the best cadets for you by thoroughly assessing your candidates using industry-leading aviation assessments.
Instrument Rating (IR) - During your IR training, you will be taught how to fly in sole reference to your instruments, allowing you to fly at night, in reduced visibility, and in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC).

Multi-Crew Cooperation
(MCC) Certificate

We select only the best cadets for you by thoroughly assessing your candidates using industry-leading aviation assessments.
Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) Certificate -You will taught how to fly multi-pilot aircraft in a multi-crew environment. You will learn how to effectively work with other crew members and receive a greater understanding of human factors. 

Commercial Pilot
License (CPL)

We handle the financial elements of your flight training programme from paying vendors and training providers to managing and paying student per diems.
Commercial Pilot License (CPL) - You require a CPL if you want to fly for airlines and get paid to fly. You will be trained to a much higher standard than the PPL. You'll build more flight hours and will be practically, theoretically and orally examined by an examiner.
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Rating (MER)

We handle the visa process of your cadets.
We provide all required documentation and take care of booking Visa interviews and passport handling at the appropriate embassy.
Multi-Engine Rating (MER) - During your MER training, you will be taught how to fly aircraft with multiple engines as multi-engine aircraft possess different aerodynamic characteristics than single-engine aircraft.