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A day with Captain Zino ONLINE

Knowledge is power and during this in-person, one-day Masterclass, Capt. Zino is going to be guiding you and giving you in-depth, highly essential knowledge on how to become a Pilot and how to succeed on your journey to the flight deck.


You will be learning the A-Z of becoming a pilot and will be guided step by step and shown what to do and what not to do on your journey to becoming a Pilot. You'll learn key secrets, crucial tips and unique strategies you haven't thought about. You'll learn about Pilot Licenses, Fight Schools, how to select the right one and how to avoid being taken advantage of. You'll learn about Pilot Medicals, Aptitude testing and the qualities of a pilot as well as how to finance your training and acquire sponsorship. You'll also learn why students fail at flight school and how you can avoid it as well as learn about Type Ratings, your pilot career options, how to get your first pilot job and much more. In addition to this, you'll be taught how to reduce your flight training costs as well as your living costs to make your journey as cheap as possible.


This Masterclass will be interactive and you will get to ask Capt. Zino all your questions during the Question and Answer sessions.


Your Masterclass

Capt. Zino Mario

Capt. Zino is an experienced British-Nigerian Commercial Pilot who holds Airplane, Helicopter and UAV licenses with several thousand flight hours. As a holder of EASA (European), FAA (American) and NCAA (Nigerian) licenses, Capt. Zino has conducted flight training across the world and is highly knowledgable in flight training affairs. 

 He first started flying recreationally at the age of 12. On completion of secondary school in the UK, he acquired his Private Pilots License at 18 and his Commercial License at 19, making him Nigeria's youngest ever pilot at the time. He relocated to Nigeria to ply his trade in the African Airspace. Years later, Capt. Zino has attained several thousand flight hours and has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the Aviation Industry making him highly conversant with Pilot Training Practices and Aviation Industry affairs.

He founded Zino Aviation to guide and help aspiring pilots by providing them with the knowledge, guidance and mentorship they need to avoid bad, costly decisions and help them become successful, professional pilots.

An aviation consultant, flight training expert, and beloved mentor to many, he's helped hundreds of aspiring pilots on their journey to become commercial pilots and he's going to help you too during this Masterclass in Lagos.

We can't wait to help you finally start flying. See you there.

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What are people saying about the Pilot Masterclass?


Chioma Onochie

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"The Zino Aviation Masterclass is one of the best things that could happen to any aspiring pilot. Captain Zino impacted and imparted his tremendous knowledge to me in ways that have really enlightened me in this journey to becoming a pilot. Captain Zino is a great person with a wonderful personality who has the desire to impact knowledge onto others. I see greatness in him and in Zino Aviation. I'd recommend Captain Zino and this Program to any aspiring pilot out there. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and you can only find that at Zino Aviation."

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Oladapo Jegede

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"What I enjoyed most about this masterclass was how well-detailed it was. Captain Zino is a fantastic teacher, he took his time to explain everything well to us. He was not in a rush and he knows how to hit his point. It was great to finally meet him in person as it made me appreciate him more! I will most definitely recommend the pilot masterclass to other people as it is well-organized and highly detailed."


Francis Okoye

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 "Definitely, the Masterclass in all ramifications deserves recommendations. It's my first and most wonderful encounter with a pilot (hardly would you get an opportunity to have such quality time with a pilot), indeed invaluable moments with Capt. Zino. I'd love to throw accolades to the detailed plan pulled off by the Zino Aviation team to actualise the event. From the strategic location to the warmth of the team, to the top standard delivery of lectures. I'm appreciative of the standard aviation blueprint that was given by Capt. Zino. There's no way I think I would have had my many questions about the aviation industry answered anywhere apart from Zino Aviation Masterclass. A lot of money would have been lost in flight school without the proper blueprints that the Zino Aviation Masterclass provides."

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Upcoming Masterclasses

Pilot Masterclass (ONLINE) - JUNE 29th 2024
Pilot Masterclass (ONLINE) - JUNE 29th 2024
The A-Z of Becoming a Pilot. Learn everything you need to know!
21 Jun 2024, 10:00 – 17:00 WAT
Zoom / Google Meet
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