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Type Ratings

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Type Rating Training

At Zino Aviation we offer Type Rating training on a wide variety of aircraft types through our partner type rating providers and ATOs'. During type rating training you will undergo highly rigorous technical training on your chosen aircraft type. 


The training conducted will consist of practical and theoretical training through carried out using computer-based training tools, flight training devices and Level D, full-motion, flight simulators. At the end of the Type Training, you will be fully qualified, competent, type rated pilots.

There are a wide variety of Type Ratings you can choose from, depending on your requirements. We offer Type Ratings on the Boeing 737 CL/NG, Airbus A320, Embraer 145, ATR 42/72, Bombardier CRJ Series as well as on a wide variety of Executive Jets and Helicopters.

Type Rating training durations vary depending on the aircraft type and the training provier, but on average take approximately 1 month.


Embraer 135/145/Legacy

737 NG/Classic/Max




AgustaWestland AW139


Sikorsky S76C++/D






Dash 8-100/300/400







Type ratings on the above aircrafts are available with our partner Type training providers.
You will receive competitive rates and a Zino Aviation discount. If the aircraft you wish to get a type rating on is not listed above, don't worry. Let us know which type rating you need and we'll source the best rates for you and organise your training.

Can't find your aircraft?


Sim Partner
Pairing Service

Type ratings can be very expensive.

Most Type Rating providers will reduce the cost of your flight training by up to half, providing you have a simulator partner conducting a Type Rating with you.

Having a simulator partner will not only reduce your costs but will also enable you to log more flight time as you will be your partners co-pilot when they are flying for their training.

Zino Aviation offers pilot pairing solutions for pilots seeking a sim partner for their type rating. We connect pilots with other pilots seeking the same type rating and book their training together at the appropriate training facility.

Type Rating Preparation Course

Type ratings can be very challenging and are a huge step up from the flight training received at flight school. Many pilots arrive at their Type Rating training underprepared and with zero systems knowledge causing them to struggle and often fail. This is easily avoidable. Due to the sheer amount of technical and operational knowledge required to pass your type rating, getting ahead and knowing your aircraft is the key to your success.

At Zino Aviation we offer online CBT Type Rating Preparation courses. The courses systematically take you through all the aircraft systems and limitations in depth. You will also be able to practice the FMS, learn OEM procedures and play with interactive systems diagrams, thus consolidating your systems knowledge and giving you deeper insight into your aircraft.

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