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 Learn to fly before getting to flight school 

Flight Training is very difficult and most students who start the journey to becoming pilots, unfortunately, don't finish.

If you are not well prepared for flight school, you will struggle significantly. The more you struggle, the more expensive it becomes as you have to keep repeating ground classes and retaking flight lessons. The key to ensuring this doesn't happen is to attend our Ground School and Simulator Flying Classes in Lagos, Nigeria. During these ground school classes, you will be taught by our certified FAA, SACAA, EASA or TCAA Flight Instructors. The objective of these classes is to teach you what you will learn at flight school, prior to you arriving there. This will enable you to learn and master all the theoretical and practical elements of your training in Nigeria, without pressure. This will save you time and money and will make your experience at flight school easier, significantly increasing your chances of success. 


These classes will be held in Lagos, Nigeria and will be FREE for all students enrolled on our Pilot Mentorship Programme.

For those not enrolled on our mentorship programme, these classes will be paid classes.

Note: Assistance with accommodation can be provided if needed.

We have 2 types of classes:

1. Normal classes

These are 3-week courses with 10 students per class. They are held Monday - Saturday, 8am to 5pm, for 3 weeks.

2. FLEXIBLE Classes

These classes are flexible and suitable for those who work or who can't attend a course for 3 weeks at a stretch.

You pay the same amount as the normal classes but you can distribute your classes over the period of 1 month by booking slots that are convenient for your schedule. For example, you may choose to book 2 hours on a Monday, 1 hour on a Thursday and the whole day on a Saturday.


During the ground school portion of the program, you will be taught by certified FAA, SACAA, EASA or TCAA Flight Instructors.

First, you will learn all the theoretical subjects you will encounter at flight school including:

  • Air Law

  • Navigation

  • Meteorology

  • Human Factors

  • Radio Telephony

  • Aircraft Technical

  • Principles of Flight

  • Flight Planning & Performance,

In addition to the theory classes you will also get practical experience and be taught how to fly using our state-of-the-art flight simulators. You will learn how to take off, land, navigate and perform various flight manoeuvres such as stalls, steep turns and engine failures. Our simulator can convert between analogue round gauges) and G1000 glass cockpit to replicate whatever type of aircraft you will be flying at your individual flighr school.

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Upcoming Classes

   1. December 5th - January 7th (Flexible Classes)

2. January 9th - January 28th (3 Week Class)