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Book a personalized one-on-one consultation call with Captain Zino.

Many people want to become pilots, or run flight training programs but are unsure of the process or unaware of the different options and routes available to them. As a result, they needlessly waste tens of thousands of dollars on flight training and spend unnecessary amounts of time and effort simply because they lack the right knowledge. Insufficient knowledge will result in making a lot of wrong, highly costly decisions.


If you have unanswered questions or just need an expert to double-check the decisions you are about to make, a consultancy call with Captain Zino will bring clarity and guidance to your personal situation.

Capt. Zino will answer all the questions you have, using all his expertise to provide as much knowledge as possible. This can include anything from the pre-flight training stage all the way to the recruitment and employment stage.

You can discuss short-cuts, insights as well as anything required.

Whatever your needs are, whatever your situation is, Capt. Zino will listen very carefully and advise you accordingly on all the best options available to you.

Receive Expert Knowledge


Get All Your Questions Answered


Custom Advice For Your Situation

On a Video Call

What are people saying about their call? 

Zino is an awesome mentor!!! I learnt so so much from him in just 30 minutes, more than I have learnt watching a lot of videos on Instagram, YouTube and even pilot Vlogs. He provided helpful information on how to make the training process run smoothly, and most importantly, he was very realistic. It is worth the time!!! Every aspiring aviator needs this!!!

I look forward to having you as my mentor. Thank you, Zino!



In my opinion, all aspiring aviators need a mentor like Zino.

 I had an amazing call with zino. If you need an expert that will mentor and give you insight on aviation, that will help you for real, then zino surely is that kind of person. I am thankful for all the information, kindness and understanding Capt. Zino.



Having the call with Zino was more relaxing than I expected. He is very patient to listen and understand all your questions and give answers. His wealth of knowledge and insight into the industry shows as he gives the information required to have a successful journey towards becoming a pilot in the best way possible for your journey.


Very Professional! Very Knowledgeable! I learned more in 30 mins, more than in 25 years!  My eyes are open WIDE open and  I can’t wait until September rolls around!!!


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