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Learn EXACTLY how to land your Pilot Job

Have you been unable to land a job since leaving flight school? Or are you still at flight school and worried about getting a job when you finish your training? Whatever your situation is, our one-day Pilot Employment Bootcamp is exactly what you need.

Unfortunately, many pilots remain unemployed after flight school. This isn't because there aren't any pilot jobs available, but often it's because they don't know how to get them.


Knowledge is power and during this one-day Bootcamp with Captain Zino, you will acquire significant knowledge which will drastically improve your chances of securing employment. You will learn all the reasons pilots don't get jobs and all the mistakes you've been making so far and need to avoid making in the future. You'll also learn unorthodox and highly unique methods to use to finally secure a pilot job locally and internationally. You'll learn how to understand employment markets, airline recruitment processes, and discover how to get access to pilot recruiters and key decision-makers at airlines.

In addition to this, you will be taught how to put together and execute a successful job search strategy and learn the art of constructing effective, pilot-specific CVs and Cover Letters.

The entire Bootcamp is interactive and you will get to ask Capt. Zino all your questions and receive coaching during the Question and Answer sessions.

The Pilot Employment Bootcamp is the solution to your problem and help is readily available to you through this program.

 Do you want all the time and money you spent at flight school to be a waste?

Aren't you tired of walking on the ground while other pilots fly over you at 35,000, feet, living your dream? Then do something about it.
Register now and let us teach you, step-by-step,

how to finally land your dream pilot job.

 Note: You can attend the boot camp in person or you can join virtually online. To attend online select "Online Ticket" during checkout.


Your Masterclass

Capt. Zino Mario

Capt. Zino is an experienced British-Nigerian Commercial Pilot who holds Airplane, Helicopter and UAV licenses with several thousand flight hours. As a holder of EASA (European), FAA (American) and NCAA (Nigerian) licenses, Capt. Zino has conducted flight training across the world and is highly knowledgable in flight training affairs. 

 He first started flying recreationally at the age of 12. On completion of secondary school in the UK, he acquired his Private Pilots License at 18 and his Commercial License at 19, making him Nigeria's youngest ever pilot at the time. He relocated to Nigeria to ply his trade in the African Airspace. Years later, Capt. Zino has attained several thousand flight hours and has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the Aviation Industry making him highly conversant with Pilot Training Practices and Aviation Industry affairs.

He founded Zino Aviation to guide and help aspiring pilots by providing them with the knowledge, guidance and mentorship they need to avoid bad, costly decisions and help them become successful, professional pilots.

An aviation consultant, flight training expert, and beloved mentor to many, he's helped hundreds of aspiring pilots on their journey to become commercial pilots and he's going to help you too during this Bootcamp in Lagos.

See you there.

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A few people we've helped


"The program gave me the opportunity to meet recruiters at airlines and private jet companies.

When I met Captain Zino, I did not have a job but through the program and the network the program brings, I am now gainfully employed with one of Nigeria's leading airlines!"

Joseph Ene-Okon

First Officer, Green Africa Airways

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"I was out of flying school and had been unemployed for years. I submitted so many CVs that I had lost count. Captain. Zino was very helpful, he understood my needs. He helped review my cv and got me face-to-face interviews with airlines and career coaching. I feel extremely lucky to have been mentored by Captain Zino."

Abdulmalik Dosara

First Officer, Green Africa Airways

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"I reached out to Zino Aviation when I began searching for a job in the UK. Captain Zino began by reviewing my outdated CV and then giving it a professional and elegant look.


Next, he pointed me toward prospective employers and assisted with constructing job application letters. Within weeks I received invitations for interviews! Zino yet again supplied me with materials I used in preparation. I gained the required knowledge and confidence I needed to scale through the airline assessments and I got the job!


Indeed, he followed through till the very end.

His services are second to none."

Onyeka Efobi-Nwaiwu

Senior First Officer, CHC Helicopters, UK

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