Position: Digital Marketing Executive

Applications now closed.

Reporting to the Head of Strategy, you will join a dynamic company focused on growth. We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Executive to drive the growth of our online presence and to deliver and spearhead our digital campaigns. This is an exciting and fast-paced digital marketing role for an individual that wants to progress their career as a dynamic leader in Digital Marketing. You will be leading and collaborating with the business on a range of tactical campaigns to support the long-term marketing strategy. 


You will be expected to drive comprehensive acquisition and retention campaigns across multiple platforms. This is a varied, well-rounded role which will involve managing digital campaigns and wider marketing projects. You will have the opportunity to develop a range of skills, have the chance to be heard and make your mark as the business continues to develop. Being part of a tight team and working closely with members across the organisation will mean rolling up your sleeves and having a very hands-on and proactive approach.


The ideal candidate will be an excellent copy writer with a high attention to detail and relevant Digital Marketing experience with proven successful results.


As our Digital Marketing Executive, you will have a direct impact on optimising the customer journey and ultimately driving website traffic through the delivery of engaging social media content and campaigns.

Key Responsibilites

  • Lead and develop research, planning, ideas and execution of marketing campaigns across multiple channels (email, direct mail, in-platform, social media, events)

  • Monitor levels of marketing materials

  • Regular reporting of weekly activity and KPIs to your line manager

  • Leading and developing the overall brand vision and marketing plan

  • Providing monthly reporting and analysis on email campaigns, website traffic, sales etc to demonstrate effective ROI and making recommendations for improvements

  • Working closely with the graphic designer to create assets for digital marketing campaigns

  • Keeping up to date with current digital marketing trends

  • Responsible for all SEO.

  • Responsible for PPC including via social media platforms.

  • Manage Adwords

  • Generate online enquiries

  • Increase brand exposure

  • Being proactive in carrying out analysis of social media campaigns and competitor research to identify areas to test and improve

Preferred Skills

  • Relevant digital marketing experience 

  • SEO and PPC experience on all levels including social media platforms.

  • Proven understanding of Google Analytics.

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and WordPress preferable

  • Strong verbal communication skills for articulating ideas to colleagues and clients

  • Excellent written communication skills for producing high-quality content

  • Attention to detail and accuracy

  • Strong knowledge of Google Analytics, Adwords and Tag Manager

  • The ability to work independently and flexibly

  • The capacity to prioritise and work across multiple projects

  • The ability to work as part of a close-knit team

  • Creative skills for contributing new and innovative ideas

  • The ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Be able to take direction and produce results independently

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or relevant (not essential but desirable).


Salary N150,000 - N250,000 PCM + Benefits + Bonuses


If becoming an airline pilot is your dream, the Private Pilot Certificate is your point of entry into a rewarding career in aviation. Also known as Private Pilot License (PPL), it is the most common type of pilot certificate that allows holders to legally fly an aircraft or act as a Pilot in Command (PIC) of an aircraft.

The main limitation with this certificate is you cannot be paid to fly passengers or cargo which means holders of a PPL cannot be hired by an airline or fly for compensation in any capacity.

Some people obtain their PPL to fly as a hobby. This includes recreational sports flying, flying friends and family, or flying as a means of transportation, including flying to and from work.

Whatever your reason is, the following points are steps to take to obtain your Private Pilot License.


Private Pilot Certificate Eligibility Requirements

To earn a private pilot certificate, you must:

-         Be at least 17 years of age to be issued a PPL (however you can start your training at any age).

-         Read, speak and understand English.

-         Know basic mathematics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

-         Pass a medical assessment.


Private Pilot Certificate Medical Requirements

To exercise the privileges of a private pilot, you will need to pass at least a Class 3 aviation medical assessment issued by a licensed Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). Without this pilot medical certificate, you cannot go to flight school or fly commercially.

For aspiring pilots going to flight school in America, Canada, South Africa, and Nigeria, you can book your medicals through our partner Aviation Medical Examiners.

Click Here To Book Your Medicals


Ground School

When you meet the above requirements, you are officially ready to begin your ground school training. This training can be done online or in person at our partner flight schools and will focus on flight principles, aerodynamics, weather data, meteorological services, radio communications, aircraft systems, flight planning, night flying procedures, Federal Aviation Regulations, flight maneuvers and other key areas.

Once you finish with your training, you will be expected to write and pass the FAA written exam to complete this step.


Note: Most of our students complete their ground school online with us before attending flight school, this allows them to get ahead and focus on just flying when they arrive at flight school, making life significantly easier for them.

 If you wish to start your ground school now, as you wait to go to flight school, send us an email to




Choose A Flight School

You will need to choose a flight school where you will learn how to fly and receive the 40 hours of flight training required by the FAA to earn your private pilot license.

Your instructor will be teaching you flight manoeuvres, day and night flying, solo flying and cross-country flying.

Not many people are aware, but the flight school you choose will determine how long it will take you to finish, how much money you will spend, how much stress you will encounter and sometimes how your job prospects will look like when you finish flight school.

You can learn how to select the right flight school and everything you need to look out for by registering for the online Pilot Kickstarter course hosted by Captain Zino.

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 Checkride (Practical Skills Test)

This is where your instructor signs you off and prepares you for your practical test also known as a Checkride. The checkride is conducted by an FAA examiner and consists of a verbal exam and a practical flight exam that can last between two to six hours depending on your knowledge, performance and the examiner’s method.

Once you pass both the verbal and flight exam, the examiner will assist you in filling your private pilot application paperwork. The examiner will also issue you a temporary certificate which will allow you to start flying as a private pilot immediately while you wait for the official private pilot certificate from the FAA.



Work Schedule


Monday to Friday

(09:00 to 17:00)

Work Location:

Work from home

Annual Leave:

25 Days

Job Application

Applications now CLOSED. Do NOT Apply.