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Many pilot's possess ICAO or EASA licenses and wish to convert them to FAA licenses. It is possible to get an FAA license without actually doing your initial training in America.​ The cheapest, and by far most effective way to do this is through our License Conversion Programme. If you have a Commercial Pilot License (or ATPL) with a Multi Engine and Instrument Rating, we can convert your license to an FAA license while giving you a type rating at the same time.

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 How does it work? 

To convert your ICAO/EASA license to an FAA license, you must meet certain FAA aeronautical experience requirements as detailed in the Fedearal Aviation Regulations (FARs). Providing you possess at least a CPL with a Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating, you will have met most of these requirements already, irrespective of where you did your initial training. The outstanding requirements entail sitting a CPL or ATPL written exam, receiving some flight instruction and sitting a practical skills test/check-ride. As opposed to conducting the outstanding training on an actual aircraft like a Cessna 172, the most effective thing to do is to complete the training on a Level D flight simulator - while doing a Type Rating. As Level D simulators count as actual flight time, your Type Rating training will be customized to make sure you meet the outstanding CPL requirements while training for your Type Rating. Also your Type Rating skills-test/check-ride will also be used as your CPL/ATPL check-ride. This will allow our partner Type Rating Providers to issue you an FAA license with an FAA Type Rating on it, therefore killing two birds with one stone.

This is the way to get an FAA license without doing your initial flight training in the USA.

We highly recommend our License Conversion Programme to students who desire FAA licenses but were unable to attend initial flight training in the USA for various reasons.

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FAA License Conversion
+ Boeing 737 Type Rating 


FAA License Conversion
+ A320 Type Rating 



FAA License Conversion
+ Embraer 145 Type Rating 


License conversions programmes are readily available with our partner Type training providers on the listed Types (B737, A320, ERJ145). You will receive competitive rates and a Zino Aviation discount. If the aircraft you wish to get a type rating on is not listed above, don't worry. Let us know which type rating you would like and we'll source the best options for you and organise your conversion.

The Process

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Fill out the form below to express your interest in our License Conversion + Type Rating Programme.

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