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South African CPL Program (SACAA)

Sky's the limit! Get your pilot's license in South Africa in just 12-13 months for $45,000.

We help aspiring pilots become commercial pilots.

 Stop Dreaming, Start Flying 

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Stop Dreaming, Start Flying

Our South African Pilot Training Course is in partnership with our partner flight school, SafeFly Express in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The course duration is approximately 12-13 months and $45,000.


The course is structured to be as efficient as possible, enabling you to progress quickly and finish in 12-13 months (providing you are disciplined and stick to the course schedule). This course will make you a fully qualified Commercial Pilot possessing a Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Night Rating, Multi-Engine Rating and Instrument Rating. After the course, you will be ready to start flying as a commercial pilot and can start applying for jobs. If you are on the Pilot Mentorship Program, which is an added extra, we will help you with securing a job.


Our partner flight school, SafeFly Express is located at Lanseria Airport and the weather is very good in Johannesburg so you should be able to fly daily. SafeFly Express provide accommodation, transport and employment as a Certified Flight Instructor or as a First Officer on their Cargo Airline (providing you meet the standard and there is availability).


 SACAA Pilot Courses  

Option 1   (Most Popular) 
(Become a Commercial Pilot)

Option 2
(Become a Flight Instructor)

Option 3
(Become a Private Pilot)


0 - CPL


SACAA 0-CPL is designed for students with little or no flying experience who want to pursue a career as commercial pilots.

You will first start your training and acquire an SCAA PPL (Private Pilot License). You will then be taught to fly at night and acquire a night rating. Upon reaching the necessary flight experience, you will continue with Instrument training and acquire an Instrument Rating. After hour building and further training, you will finally acquire a Commercial Pilot License. The final stage of the programme is the Multi-Engine Rating; this will enable you to fly aircraft with multiple engines.  After successful completion of the zero to CPL course, you will be issued an SCAA CPL(A) license with Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings. The privileges of the holder of a CPL enable you to act as pilot-in-command (Captain) or co-pilot (First Officer) in commercial operations.



South Africa

12-13 Months


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 What Licenses and Ratings Will You Get


Private Pilot
License (PPL)

We plan your training programme in great detail. We factor in all contingencies and accurately budget for every segment pertaining to your programme.
Private Pilot License (PPL) - You'll learn how to fly from scratch, conduct flight manoeuvres and then pass practical and theoretical exams. On completion of your PPL, you will be able to fly by yourself without an instructor. You can then start building hours for your CPL and fly friends & family.

Instrument Rating (IR)
+ Night Rating (NR)

We select only the best cadets for you by thoroughly assessing your candidates using industry-leading aviation assessments.
Instrument Rating (IR) - During your IR training, you will be taught how to fly in sole reference to your instruments, allowing you to fly at night, in reduced visibility, and in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC).

Night Rating (NR)
- During your NR training, you will be taught how to fly at night time.

Commercial Pilot
License (CPL)

We handle the financial elements of your flight training programme from paying vendors and training providers to managing and paying student per diems.
Commercial Pilot License (CPL) - You require a CPL if you want to fly for airlines and get paid to fly. You will be trained to a much higher standard than the PPL. You'll build more flight hours and will be practically, theoretically and orally examined by an examiner.
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Rating (MER)

We handle the visa process of your cadets.
We provide all required documentation and take care of booking Visa interviews and passport handling at the appropriate embassy.
Multi-Engine Rating (MER) - During your MER training, you will be taught how to fly aircraft with multiple engines as multi-engine aircraft possess different aerodynamic characteristics than single-engine aircraft.


0 - CPL + CFI


Our  Zero to CPL + CFI course is designed for future pilots with little or no flight experience who wish to become flight instructors after their CPL training. There are many benefits of becoming a flight instructor. It is fulfilling, you get to further develop your manual flying skills and finally, instructors get paid to fly while building their flight time. The course starts from PPL to IR & NR to CPL and continues to the Certified Flight Instructor rating.



South Africa

15-16 Months


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 What Licenses and Ratings Will You Get



We plan your training programme in great detail. We factor in all contingencies and accurately budget for every segment pertaining to your programme.
Just like the 0-CPL programme, you will get a Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Night Rating and Multi-Engine Rating. These are all the licenses and ratings required to fly for Commercial Multi-Engine IFR operators.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII)

We handle the financial elements of your flight training programme from paying vendors and training providers to managing and paying student per diems.
Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII) -
Your CFI training will enable you to become a qualified instructor and teach students how to fly. Your CFII (instrument instructor) will enable you to instruct students for their Instrument Ratings.



PPL Only

SACAA Private Pilot License (PPL) is a license that allows you to fly on single-engine land (SEL) aircraft in visual meteorological conditions (VMC) in non-commercial operations. In simple terms, with a PPL you can fly for leisure, but can't get paid. PPL training is the first step towards becoming a professional pilot. Many pilot's struggling for funds usually opt to do the 'PPL Only' course so they can at least start their journey, even if they can't financially finish it just yet.  Once you complete your PPL(A) training, you will get your Private Pilot License and SEL (Single Engine Land) qualification and you will be able to fly by yourself without an instructor. You can then start flying recreationally or continue on to get your commercial license later.


Diamond DA20

Piper Cherokee

Piper Seneca.png
Sling 3d.png

Beechcraft Baron

Sling 2 & Sling 4


Alsim ALX Simulator


SafeFly Express has a diverse fleet of eight available aircraft for training, with plans to expand as needed. This ensures our students enjoy uninterrupted training, significantly accelerating their path to certification. The aircraft fleet features advanced models like the Sling 2 and Sling 4 with glass cockpits, as well as classics such as the Piper Cherokee and the multi-engine Beechcraft Baron. These aircraft in addition to a state-of-the-art, highly advanced, Alsim ALX flight simulator, prepare students for a wide range of flying experiences. Excitingly, SafeFly Express are also in the process of acquiring a Diamond DA42, further enhancing their training capabilities. This variety and readiness to expand on demand underlines SafeFly Express's dedication to delivering high-quality pilot training without delays, ensuring students are flight-ready, efficiently and effectively.

Below is a list of the current fleet used for training:


  • ZS-FEK Piper Cherokee PA28

  • ZS-SVR Piper Cherokee PA28

  • ZS-FHH Piper Cherokee PA28

  • ZS-NXM Diamond DA20

  • ZS-WLO Beech Baron BE55 (multi-engine)

  • ZU-MCA Sling 2 (glass cockpit)

  • ZU-MND Sling 4 TSi (advanced training only) / Garmin glass cockpit

  • ZU-OMG Sling 4 (MGL glass cockpit / advanced training only)

  • Diamond DA-42 (Multi-Engine) (In Review, Q4 2024)



South Africa

4-6 Months


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Accommodation & Transport

The Flight School offer accommodation in Dainfern, Johannesburg, nestled in a secure and affluent area, ensuring safety and tranquillity just 15 minutes from Lanseria Airport. Our housing options cater to every preference, with both shared and private flats and rooms available, all equipped with Wi-Fi, cooking and laundry facilities included. For relaxation and keeping fit, students have access to a modern gym and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Additionally, the daily shuttle service guarantees effortless commutes to the flight school several times a day providing a seamless and enjoyable living experience during your training. The school is committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment, both in the air and on the ground, making your training experience as rewarding as possible ensuring you can study, relax, and forge lasting friendships.


Accommodation and Transport Options:


  • Shared Flat, Shared Room with a roommate ($225) + Transport ($105) = $330 /month

  • Shared Flat, Sole Occupant of Room ($370) + Transport ($105) = $475 /month

  • Sole Occupancy of Flat with Single Bedroom ($600) + Transport ($105) = $705 /month

(Note: 2 months' notice must be given prior to arrival if you wish to secure Sole Occupancy of an apartment)


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