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Speaking Engagements

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Where do we speak?


Whenever we speak we always:







Why Zino Aviation?

At Zino Aviation we don't just create pilots, that's a small part of what we do. We shape mindsets, empower people and cultivate futures.

 Irrespective of the industry or stage of life of our audiences, we impart life advancing skills and speak invigorating life-changing words into the hearts and minds of all who hear us.

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Why book Capt. Zino?

Capt. Zino has had a life many aspire to have. He was a national athletics champion in the UK, the youngest ever commercial pilot in Africa's most populous nation, and is currently a successful entrepreneur and a beloved mentor to many.

However, all this did not come without setbacks. Having experienced numerous failures, many disappointments and extreme complications, Capt. Zino knows exactly what it feels like to both struggle and fail. His story is exceedingly inspirational to all who hear how he turned his life around, overcame hurdle after hurdle and finally achieved his dreams. Irrespective of the obstacles and monumental difficulties he faced, his rise to the very top has shown us that failure is not final, delay is not denial, and defeat is not an option. 

All who hear Capt. Zino speak testify that he is a highly gifted orator who knows how to captivate his audience, challenge their mindsets and revolutionize their vision. This is exactly what people need in a world full of negativity, defeatism and discouragement.


Capt. Zino brings life-changing information, inspiration, and insight combined with practical methods his listeners can utilise to fulfil their potential, achieve their dreams and finally become whom they were born to become in life.


Above all, Capt. Zino knows how to relate with everyone he meets, resonate with them, and help them on their journey of life irrespective of their background. He knows how to positively impact people, building them up with his unique outlook on life and his incredibly powerful words.

"Hearing the right words from the right person can change someone's life forever."

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