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Zino Aviation Partners With Flight Schools in Florida USA

To make it quicker, easier and significantly more affordable for aviation enthusiasts to become commercial pilots, Zino Aviation has partnered with two major Flight Schools in sunny Florida, USA.

Speaking on the partnership, the Founder Capt. Zino said, "Our primary focus at Zino Aviation is to provide aspiring pilots with all the knowledge and support they need to achieve their dreams. With this partnership, aspiring pilots can become fully qualified FAA Licensed Commercial pilots in just 6 months with approximately $35,000 to $40,000".

6 MONTHS? How is this possible?

Accelerated Programme

The programme is an accelerated programme with daily flying. The more hours students fly per day, the quicker they finish. Some students fly up to 8 hours a day.

Daily Flying

Due to many aircrafts and available instructors, aircraft availability is never an issue allowing students to fly whenever they want to fly.

Great Florida Weather.

Zino Aviation partner flight schools are located in the sunshine state of Florida where the weather is great all year round. This allows students to fly daily and finish a lot quicker than if they conducted their training in other places.

Ground School completed prior to arrival.

Students complete their ground school online before coming to the flight school. This allows them to focus on just flying when they arrive, making things easier for them.

Students also receive assistance to gain admission into the flight schools, mentorship from Capt. Zino, as well as other administrative services such as visa support, US government clearance and affordable accommodation.

Capt. Zino said in response to a question asked about cost reduction,

"There are many ways to reduce the cost of your flight training such as flight sharing, online ground school, understanding the regulations and many other ways. When you combine everything together, your costs fall significantly. Most Flight Schools discourage you from doing this because they are businesses aiming to maximise profit and if you end up saving money…they end up losing money. This is why finding the right Flight School is essential. Our partner Flight Schools will allow you to implement ALL the cost-saving methods we currently teach everyone we mentor at Zino Aviation".

Zino Aviation is an Aviation Training, Career Management and Consultancy company providing aspiring pilots with all the knowledge and support they need to achieve their dreams by rendering services such as Pilot Assessments, Pilot Mentorship, Online and in-person Courses, Aviation Medicals, Speaking Engagements and Consultancy Calls.

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