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Zino Aviation Partners with SafeFly Express to Revolutionise Pilot Training

Zino Aviation Partners with SafeFly Express to Revolutionise Pilot Training

Zino Aviation, at the forefront of aviation training and educational excellence, is excited to unveil a strategic alliance with SafeFly Express, a distinguished flight school celebrated for our extensive pilot training offerings. This partnership promises to revolutionise aviation education by tackling the pivotal hurdles faced by aspiring pilots, thereby creating a more streamlined, affordable and accessible route to achieving their flying ambitions.

Aspiring pilots frequently confront significant barriers in their quest for the cockpit, from a lack of preparedness for the demanding nature of flight school to the complex challenge of identifying the right school and training program. Complications arise further when some flight schools do not deliver on their promises, leaving students to deal with academic difficulties, unexpected financial pressures, or even deceitful practices. In response to these widespread issues facing aspiring pilots, Zino Aviation has devised effective strategies to address these widespread issues, offering a detailed suite of services designed to fully equip students for their aviation journey, assist them in choosing reputable flight schools, and ensure a coherent and comprehensive educational experience.

"Our meticulous selection process for partnering with flight schools is designed to safeguard students against these pitfalls. By partnering exclusively with reputable, audited, and vetted flight schools like SafeFly Express, we ensure our students receive high-quality, trustworthy training. This collaboration between Zino Aviation and SafeFly Express is fundamental in addressing the challenges faced by student pilots, offering them a reliable, affordable, and efficient route to achieving their aviation aspirations. Through this strategic partnership, we are dedicated to eliminating the obstacles that can hinder progress, ensuring our students are well-equipped, well-informed, and well on their way to a successful career in aviation." - Temisan Mario, COO, Zino Aviation

SafeFly Express, founded by Mohammed Ahmed Azzam and his partners, is a multifaceted aviation company based at Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg. The South African company specialises in pilot training, cargo, and logistics and are on track to become the leading airfreight authority in Africa and the Middle East. SafeFly stands out with its wide range of pilot training programs and state-of-the-art facilities, including diverse aircraft and flight simulators such as the Alsim ALX which is used for advanced instrument training. The school’s direct industry involvement provides students with significant advantages, such as unique job opportunities and an efficient fast-track commercial pilot training program of 13 months. With a diverse fleet of over 8 modern aircraft including Diamond Aircraft, Piper Cherokees as well as Sling 2 and Sling 4 aircrafts, regular flying in digital glass cockpits is available to students. Meticulous on-site maintenance, combined with a large aircraft fleet, ensures uninterrupted training for students, minimising downtime and maximising flying.



"At the core of our partnership strategy lies a commitment to aligning only with the finest, safest, and most reputable flight schools in the industry. SafeFly Express epitomises these values, having surpassed our stringent auditing criteria, highlighting their dedication to maintaining the pinnacle of quality and safety in aviation training. This partnership is meticulously crafted to bolster the advancement of flight standards and enrich student experiences, reflecting our shared vision of exemplary aviation education. By merging SafeFly’s robust training infrastructure with our innovative educational methodologies, we are creating a streamlined and enriched learning journey for our students. This collaboration not only simplifies the path to becoming a pilot but also amplifies job prospects through our combined industry connections. Our alliance with SafeFly Express is more than a partnership; it’s a commitment to fostering the next generation of pilots with an education that sets new industry standards for quality, safety, and student success." - Captain Zino Mario-Ghae, CEO, Zino Aviation

The Commercial Pilot Training Program spans approximately 12-13 months with a tuition of $45,000. Designed for maximum efficiency, this curriculum promises swift progress for committed students, ensuring completion within the projected timeframe. Graduates emerge fully equipped with a Commercial Pilot License, including Private Pilot License, Night Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, and Instrument Rating credentials. Post-completion, participants are immediately prepared to embark on their careers as commercial pilots, with job application support. Additionally, enrolees in the Zino Aviation Pilot Mentorship Program receive specialised assistance in job placements, further enhancing their career readiness and post-training support.

Zino Aviation Partners with SafeFly Express to Revolutionise Pilot Training

 "Partnering with Zino Aviation is incredibly exciting for us. They are a revolutionary force in aviation training. This collaboration brings together the best of both worlds – our hands-on flight training expertise and Zino's cutting-edge educational methods. It's a fantastic opportunity to enhance what we offer our students, ensuring they're not just ready for the skies, but ahead of the curve. We're looking forward to the incredible benefits this partnership will bring, from enriching the student experience to setting new standards in pilot training. It's a great move for the future of aviation education, and I'm thrilled to see where this journey takes us.” - Sief Ahmed, Training General Manager, SafeFly Express

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